How Soon after a Bankruptcy Can I get a Credit Card again?

Credit Card companies are going to be looking for you after your bankruptcy case has been filed, no worries there. Lenders will want to do business with you and legally there is no reason why you cannot take on new debt after bankruptcy. Just remember that the credit card companies are not your friend; they are out to do business and are hoping that whatever credit habits got you into trouble to begin with will still be around, causing you to pay late fees and rack up a lot of interest. If you filed for Chapter 7, you have time limits (think years, not months) before you will be allowed to file again, so you are stuck with your new credit cards and all of their terms. 

That is not to say that credit cards are bad or that you shouldn't use them. Just be aware of the terms and decide for yourself up front how and when you will use them.

If you are in over your head with credit card debt and are considering filing for bankruptcy, contact O'Connor Cadiz Law for an honest conversation about whether or not a bankrtupcy may be right for you. We are located in Schaumburg and Itasca and file bankruptceis throughout the Chicago area. 



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