What does it cost to talk to a personal injury lawyer?

Most personal injury law firms in the Chicago area, including O'Connor Cadiz Law, do not charge anything to speak with you about your personal injury case. This means that if you were hurt in an accident and it was someone else's fault (or mostly someone else's fault), there should be no hesitation about speaking to a lawyer. At least it is not going to cost you anything. But wait, you might be thinking, I am still not sure if I am ready to talk to a lawyer. Understandable. Many people feel intimidated by going to speak to a lawyer for the first time, especially one that they don't know. What actually goes on once a lawyer has you in their office?

I can't speak for what goes on at other law firms, but I can say this: not all free consultations are equal. Some will be nothing more than a sales pitch with high pressure to hire even if you are just trying to get information. Others will have a consultation done by a paralegal who may be qualified to gather your information but cannot give legal advice. And aren't you really there to get legal advice? Of course! While you likely will not have to pay to talk to a lawyer if you have been injured, you still want to make sure that you feel comfortable about what will happen before you go in to talk to a lawyer.  At O'Connor Cadiz law, our goal during the strategy session is to be helpful and answer your questions. It is possible that you might not be the best fit for us and we might not be the best fit for you, but if that is the case- we will tell you and still try to point you in the right direction. No high pressure tactics here. If you are not ready to speak to go speak to a lawyer yet, give us a call or fill out our webform to request free information or sign up for our newsletter. We are here when you are ready, but please remember that there are strict time limits in the State of Illinois (& in other states too) about how long you have to take action or lose your rights forever.

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