What is Parental Responsibility Allocation?

As of January 1, 2016, the term child custody is eliminated from Illinois family law and divorce cases.  Custody was a label fought hard for by parents and there has always been much confusion amongst parents over what it meant.  Essentially, there were two components to custody- where the kids lived and who made decisions over health, religion and education.  The word custody is nowhere to be found in the new laws, essentially taken over by the term “parental responsibility allocation” or “allocation of parental responsibilities” which, as the name implies, spells out what responsibilities each parent is to have.  Unmarried couples who previously just “filed for custody” (since they didn’t need a divorce) will now be filing a Petition for Parental Responsibility.

The new terminology is just one of the many changes in the re-write of Illinois family law, this being the first major re-write since the 1970’s.  Now more than ever, great care should be taken in selecting your attorney.  Be sure that he or she is intimately familiar with the new laws so that your interests are best protected.  At O’Connor Cadiz Law, we are ready to help you! Give us a call at 630 250-8813 to schedule a confidential consultation. 

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