Can you do mediations in spanish?

Spanish language mediations can be done in either Schaumburg or in Itasca, if you are looking for a spanish speaking mediator in the Chicago area. I grew up in a bilingual household and still speak both languages at home, so here is what you will get at O'Connor Cadiz Law if you are looking for mediations done in Spanish:

  • Everything conducted in Spanish, or if, you wish, in both Spanish and English
  • You will NOT get a secratary or translator pulled into the room to translate back and forth between the parties and the mediator. There is no need, which means that the mediation will go by faster, accomplishing more and cutting the cost of the mediation
  • An understanding on the part of the mediator of not only the language but also the latin culture
  • Professional, high quality mediation services conducted by trained mediator, attorney Carol O'Connor Cadiz

Give us a call to find out more about Chicago area mediations conducted in Spanish, at 630 250-8813

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