Can I reach a divorce settlement directly with my spouse?

Of course you can settle the terms of your divorce directly, without lawyer involvement. Divorce can be very, very expensive and one of the best ways to keep costs down in your divorce is to reach an agreement with your spouse on as many issues as possible, once you have all of the facts.  You will still need a divorce lawyer for preparation of the documents and counsel, since divorce is a legal proceeding even. A word of caution, however. Without all of the facts regarding incomes, debts, assets, etc., it is very difficult to negotiate a settlement because you are doing so in a vacuum. Many couples, however, once they are confident that they have received and provided full disclosure, attempt to negotiate on their own without everything going back and forth between high priced lawyers (and they are all high priced).  The chances of this being succesful increase with the use of a skilled and paid mediator who will not only help you to reach an agreement, but will know what issues need to be decided. Mediation will not work for all couples. Call Illinois divorce mediator Carol O'Connor Cadiz at 630 250-8813 if you think that divorce mediation may be for you and your spouse, before it is too late.  Appointments are available in Schaumburg and Itasca. 

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