Can Child Support be Changed in Illinois?

Yes, child support can be changed under certain circumstances under Illinois law. If the child's parents agree to the change, a new Uniform Order of Support should still be prepared and signed by your judge, or else big probelms can come up later. If the parties do not agree to either the increase or decrease of the amount previously set for child support, then the change can only come about after making a formal request to the court.  Child support modifications will usually only be granted if there has been a change in circumstances to warrant it. Typical reasons for increasing or decreasing child support in Illinois are:

  • Significant pay increase or decrease of the parent who pays support
  • Change in the needs of the child, beyond what is typical as children age
  • Job loss or change of payor
  • Children moving homes
  • Payor goes on Worker's Comp 
  • Change in number of children receiving child support


If you have a child support order already in place and think that you might have a basis to have it modified, contact us to evaluate your options. 


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