Will I still get credit card statements and other bills after I file for Bankruptcy?

Nowadays, many bills are mailed automatically by computer and it can take a while for a creditor to “catch on” to the fact that you filed for bankruptcy. Talk to your attorney about what to do with the bills that you receive as different bills should be handled differently. Threats to sue and nasty letters are a different story and should be brought to your lawyer’s attention immediately so that the creditor responsible can be contacted, which should stop any more letters. The Automatic Stay means that in all efforts at collection on old debts have to stop.

You will still continue to get bills for utilities, etc.  and should be paying for ongoing services. The same holds true for things like your car note, if you are in a Chapter 7 and are keeping your car; although, sometimes you will stop getting bills for these routine and ongoing items. This is the creditors' way of protecting themselves and it is possible that you will need to sign giving them permission to resume billing you. This should not be confused with a reaffirmation agreement, where you are essentially re-newing a debt. Do not sign anything without first consulting with your bankruptcy attorney. 

You might still be getting bills for debt that will be discharged by your bankruptcy. Do not throw them out. Give them to your lawyer if your case has not been filed yet so that it can be double checked against  the information you have already given regarding your bills. 

If bills are piling up and driving you mad because they are piling up faster than you can pay them, bankruptcy may be a good option for you as it has helped so  many people just like you out of a situation which has spiraled out of control and which has no other good solution. Call O'Connor Cadiz Law at 630 250-8813 to schedule a no obligation no cost bankruptcy consultation.  We help people all over Chicago land and are located in Schaumburg and Itasca. 


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