Will my Employer Find out if I File for Bankruptcy in Illinois?

Probably not.  There are some instances in which your employer will know that you filed for a consumer bankruptcy in Illinois:

  • You owe money to your employer. All of your creditors will be notified of your bankruptcy filing.
  • A creditor tells your employer (ie: calls work). In my experience, this happens only rarely.
  • You tell your employer
  • Your employer subscribes to publications which lists consumer debtors (bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record). Most employers have no use for such information.
  • You have directed your Chapter 13 Trustee to have your payments deducted from your paycheck.
  • Your employer runs routine credit checks on people. When done, it is usually for security purposes.

 You may also be interested in reading about whether or not you have to disclose a bankruptcy filing to an employer.

If you hire O’Connor Cadiz Law to file your bankruptcy, if we must call you at work, our office will never disclose information other than to indicate that the call is from your attorney’s office. There is absolutely no shame in filing for bankruptcy but we do this out of total respect for your privacy. If you are wondering about filing for bankruptcy, I'd love to meet you and help you decide if a bankrtupcy might be right for you. 


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