What if my spouse tries to pressure me into an agreement I don’t want during Divorce Mediation?

A common concern during divorce mediation is that your spouse will pressure you or make you feel like you have to give in. You always have the power to say NO.  Do not agree to anything if it is not what you want.  Be open-minded, but don’t give in to something that you know is just not going to work for you.  A part of mediation involves one-on-one conversations with your mediator when you have concerns. This will be different than the conversations or fights that you and your spouse would have at home on the same topic. Mediation is a controlled environment where bullying is not acceptable.  Even calm statements meant to push your buttons can be concerning but remember, your mediator is there to address any problems or perceived threats that may come up.  At any time, you can call it a day, as for a break, or talk to your mediator privately. 

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