Do I have to go to Court for my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Going to court, in the strict sense of it, generally is not required in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. You may have to go to a meeting that is held inside a courthouse, but as far as standing up before a judge- this is not the normal course of things in a routine Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You will, however, have to attend what is known as a 341 Meeting of Creditors. (The 341 stands for the section of the Bankruptcy Code that this comes from, in case you are wondering). Creditors are notified and have the right to show up but most of the time, they do not come or may come to negotiate a reaffirmation agreement with your attorney (for instance, if you want to keep your car). The 341 meeting is mandatory and extremely important, but it is not something that you should stress out about so long as your documents are in order. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney is crucial so that you breeze through the meeting without any issues.

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