The Gay Marriage got a "Maybe Later" in Illinois which is still better than 'No"

On Friday, same sex couples who gathered in Springfield hoping to be made equal when it comes to the right to marry, went home with a heavy heart. May 31, 2013 could have gone down in history as the day that gay marriage passed both houses, only a mere formality away from being made law with Governor Pat Quinn having already promised to sign it. They are now being made to wait. The decision to not call for a vote on the issue was no doubt a difficult one for its sponsor Greg Harris who made his announcement to wait with tears in his eyes. While this angered supporters of the bill, I think that the decision to wait may be the best shot to ensure its eventual passage. Requests were made by house representatives to be given the summer to really delve into the gay marriage issue with constituents to gather support which now appears to be lacking.  So, it seems to me that although Greg Harris would have loved nothing more than to see same sex couples equalized yesterday, he knew that the votes in favor of the bill would not be enough and it would fail in the face of opposition from powerful groups. The reasoning seems to be that support may grow over the summer and thereby so will the likelihood of its passage when the state legislature resumes in the fall.

I remember when I got married. I was so happy and I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be told that you have to wait to marry the person you love.  I don't think that it is fair that anyone should have to wait as I believe that all love is good love. If there is one thing that we need more of in this day and age of terror, hate and intolerance, it is love and the right to shout that love from the hilltops. But if waiting now means that gay marriage has a greater likelihood of being made legal in Illinois, then I think that the decision to wait was the right one.  I see divorce every single day in my office and in court and its sad. But, I still believe in marriage and personally, I would like to see the right to marry extended to everyone. 

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