How to make sure your Spouse Doesn't get Everything they Want in Divorce. (Don't Ignore those divorce papers!)

You remember the scene from those old movies: "I will never give you a divorce!". It doesn't work like that in this day and age. At least not in Illinois. If you are served with "divorce papers", you are  likely looking at something called a "Petition for Dissolution of Marriage", the document that gets the ball rolling where your spouse formally asks the court for a divorce from you. Its harsh but its real. Its not up to you to give him or her the divorce. Its up to the court. And the judge is going to give your spouse not only the divorce but also everything they ask for unless you step in to stop them getting all. In order to do that, you have to file an appearance and an answer with the clerk of the court within a very specified period of time. The appearance is your way of raising your hand to say "I will participate. Don't do this without my input". If you (or your attorney) do not do this, you are making it really easy for your soon to be ex and you won't like the outcome. 

Don't be the victim of a default divorce. Do something. Better yet, hire a divorce lawyer to do it for you as people who represent themselves are held to the same rules and standards as attorneys are. If you were served with divorce papers, call us to set up an appointment to discuss your options. Give yourself the chance to have a say in what happens to your life, your kids, your money, your stuff....before it is too late. Serving DuPage county, Rolling Meadows (Cook) and Kane county, we are here to help. Call us at 630 250-8813 to schedule an appointment. And don't forget to claim your free book "Defending the Ending". 

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