Spouse Cheated? If you're from Chicago, you're in good company.

Finding out your spouse cheated hurts. Infidelity is common in divorce situations and in my divorce practice - I see it as one of the leading reasons that marriages fall apart. The marriage may have been headed for splitsville long before the affair- or not. Either way, it does look to me like cheating is a biggie as far as reasons go for wanting a divorce. The trust is broken and with the affair comes a whole host of problems for most couples.

Is Chicago worse than other cities when it comes to cheating? As you can imagine, the data on this is hard to collect but one statistic I found seems to indicate that cheating in Chicago might be more prevalent than in other U.S. cities. A survey conducted by a website, Victoria Milan, for people looking for affairs-  found that Chicago ranks as having the most online cheaters- 25% more than the national average. And according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, their most recent statistics from 2011 state that in Cook County alone, there were 10,519 divorces and annulments that year. The numbers don't tell us why this is the case, and your guess is as good as mine. 

If you or your spouse are cheating, you aren't the only one. If you beleive that the marriage is truly broken and cannot be saved, find out what your rights may be in a divorce situation. It not an easy step to take but it is a step that is often inevitable when a marriage has undergone infidelity. Compassionate and caring, we can help you explore your rights if you are considering divorce in the Chicago area. We can talk about the legal impact of adultery in Illinois or if matters for custody.  Schedule an appointment today or request our free book about divorce for Illinois residents. 

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