Amicable Divorces in Chicago has its benefits

Divorce is, by its very nature, a power struggle.  Divorce courts in the Chicago area can be intimidating enough for the couples who must pass through. But it doesn't have to get ugly. Amicable divorce has its place and when it works, the benefits can be tremendous! After years as a practing Illiinois divorce lawyer, I've seen it all from the nastiest of the nasty (think War of the Roses) to divorces so sweet I couldn't beleive my eyes. Here's what I see as the biggest benefits to amicable divorces, in no particular order:

1) A lot less money spent on legal fees

2) Greater satisfaction with the result

3) Shorter divorces 

4) Less stress on the parties and their kids

5) Increased likelihood of getting along post-divorce (very important if you have kids together)

6) Greater likelihood of both parties respecting the divorce decree and doing what they agreed to do (less enforecement issues = less or no money spent on lawyers after the divorce)

7) Less stress throughout the process

8) Greater feelngs of control throughout the divorce

Those are some pretty good reasons to keep your divorce friendly! Of course, an amicable divorce is not always going to be possible. Realistically, some marriages are so far broken, abusive, or charged with anger that it will be virtually impossible to see eye to eye on anything even with the trained help of a mediatior. But if you think that you and your spouse might have what it takes to end your marriage civially and amicably, remember the benefits when your emotions do get the better of you which is bound to happen at some point.

Collaborative Divorce, cooperative divorce, and plain old divorce minus all of the fighting are a few ways to go about it. Not all divorce lawyers are cut out for anything less than a courtroom brawl but if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in the Chicago suburbs who is sympathetic to an amicable divorce when appropriate, contact us for an affordable consultation in either Schaumburg or Itasca. I have helped hundreds of people get divorced amicably, when that is what they want. Keep in mind that it takes two sides to play fair, but it can be done if both husband and wife, and their lawyers, are willing to give it a try. It is harder when one side wants to be decidedly unfair.

Even if your divorce started out nasty, there is still hope. Sometimes it is just one issue that is causing strife, or maybe a handful of issues that makes both sides see red. In those cases, it could be beneficial to try divorce mediation. A trained divorce mediator will sit down with you both, either with our without your lawyers, and try to help you see eye to eye. A successfully mediated divorce will often have all of the benefits described above. It takes courage to sit across the table from your soon to be ex, but in the long run the divorce should run smoothly with as little conflict and stress as possible on you. If you are interested in learing more about divorce mediation, fill out our webform or give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultaiton to discuss the process of mediation. Not ready but want to learn more? Be sure to claim your free copy of our Fast Track Mediation Guide.



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