Beware of “Divorce Advice” from well meaning friends and family

Divorce is one of those life events where, as soon people know you are going through it, people pop out of the woodwork to give you “advice” and tell you their own stories. It can be helpful to talk over what you are going through with the people in your life, but remember that every divorce (like every marriage) is different.  Don’t take legal advice from non-lawyers because while friends and family mean well, they are probably not familiar with the process or how to protect your legal rights,  especially after all of the major changes in Illinois divorce law in  2015,  2016 and again in July of 2017. This is not your parent’s divorce!

You may hear things like:

  • Do it yourself, you can get help online
  • Be sure to “go for” x, y,  and z
  • You don’t need a lawyer, it will just cost a lot and take too long
  • Just use one attorney
  • Here is what you should “get”…..

If you have concerns or questions, talk to a lawyer.  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people’s lives get completely screwed up because they listened to a friend or worse yet, tried to do themselves what it takes years of training and practice to be able to do correctly.  If you are not ready to decide on divorce, you should still know your rights in case it should happen.  At O’Connor Cadiz Law, we are ready to help! Call now to schedule a confidential, in depth consultation. 



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