Typical Law Firm? We Hope Not. Our mission is to actually delight you.

If you are facing a major life event like a car accident, selling your house, or maybe just need to make sense of a legal document, it can be frustrating & confusing if you don't have the right lawyer. Even harder can be going it alone which is tempting if you don't know where to turn. We make it easy to turn to O'Connor Cadiz Law when you need a trusted lawyer to help you understand what is happening and create a custom strategy to get you through it.  Carol O'Connor Cadiz, the principal and owner of the firm, has been in practice since 1996, bringing experience and compassion to her clients. Looking at the typical law firm, we try to do things a little differently than most. 

Calling a lawyer for the first time can be scary. What will the fees be? Will I feel pressured to hire this lawyer even if I am just trying to gather information? What if I really don't need a lawyer? Will it be an intimidating experience? We understand that for many people, reaching out to a law firm can be a big step and we strive to not only make you feel comfortable but to actually delight you in the process. How? By helping you to feel in control by first educating you about your situation,  giving you options, and hopefully earing your trust in the process. This enables you to make great decisions for yourself about whatever you are facing. If we think that you do not need a lawyer or that we are not the right fit, we will be honest and let you know this, pointing you in the right direction.

It is our belief that every successful case begins with helping you to understand what is happening so that you can gain greater control over the situation. You have come to the right place, whether you just want information or you are looking for more immediate help. At our boutique firm, we purposefully do not take every case or client that walks in the door, but are selective in what we handle to make sure that every client receives very personalized service. We don't have the big firm mentality that exists at some of the mid -to- large law firms where you are treated as just another case. Attorney Cadiz is personally involved with every case right from the start to make sure that everyone is given the attention their case deserves. She looks forward to getting to know each and every client. 

In the late 1990's, attorney Carol Cadiz worked in the Skokie, IL area at a plaintiff's personal injury firm, obtaining good and fair results for people who were injured in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian and passenger accidents, slip and fall cases, etc. After a break from injury work, she is excited to be back assisting those who have been seriously injured to get the legal aspect of their case successfully completed. 

Real Estate closings is something we have also been doing from day one. If you are buying or selling your home, give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Don't miss our Indispensable Guide to Selling Your Home.

After practicing divorce law for 20 years, Ms. Cadiz is available to serve as a mediator for those individuals who are getting divorced and wish to speed things up through mediation. Be sure to download our guide to Fast Tracking your Divorce if you think that mediation might be right for you. 

By concentrating our practice on these limited areas, we do what we do very well. If you need other legal services, we can probably point you in the right direction and if possible, recommend someone who we trust.  Having practiced law in the community since the late 1990's, attorney Cadiz has made contacts in the legal community and has a referral network in most areas. 

Carol O'Connor Cadiz has authored two books, and several legal services guides to better help people understand the legal process. Let us know how we can be of service, whether it is a consultation in our Schaumburg or Itasca office that you are looking for or if you prefer to start out requesting our free written materials, we are here to help. 

Carol O'Connor Cadiz
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Attorney & Owner at O'Connor Cadiz Law: Injury & Accidents, Disability Insurance.